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Pete C

Tutor (£45/hr)

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  • Qualified UK teacher with 15+ years of A Level Mathematics teaching experience.
  • Lead Teacher in a large secondary school.
  • Degree in Mathematics - BSc (Hons).
  • Expert in the Statistics section of the course.
Teaching and Tutoring Experience

Pete started his teaching career in 2006 at an 11-18 comprehensive school. He teaches full-time and tutors during the evenings/weekends. He has extensive A Level Maths teaching experience, regularly teaching multiple A Level Maths/Further Maths classes each year in addition to his tutees.

Pete is currently a Lead Teacher in a large comprehensive school. In his role as lead teacher he is responsible for coaching and improving other teachers within the school.

Available Lesson Times
Lisa Vyas
August 1, 2022

Since starting with Pete, Roshan has significantly improved his confidence and motivation to learn. He had always loved maths but since starting A level, during lockdown, he has struggled to keep up and questioned whether he should have chosen it. Once he started with Pete he stated that he had got back his love of maths within only a few sessions. He said that he is more proactive in class lessons now and his test results certainly improved. Pete is clearly a motivational teacher who really understands how students learn.


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