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The questions below are commonly asked questions about online tuition or private tuition in general. Questions are organised into the following sections:

If your question isn't answered below, feel free to contact me.

General Tuition Questions

What levels of maths tuition do you offer?

We offer tuition in A Level Mathematics only. By specialising in a single area, we are able to offer an extremely high quality service (think of this as the equivalent of visiting a consultant, rather than a GP).

Is online tuition as effective as in-person tuition?

The great thing about online tuition is that you don't have to settle for the services of your local tutor. Online tuition allows access to the best tutors, wherever you live.

large scale survey conducted by Bramble found that "84% of students found online tutoring to be more effective or as effective as the in person alternative."

In today's digital world, the majority of students feel comfortable communicating online and the transition from in-person learning to online learning comes easily. Online tuition can also help students develop their digital literacy, with many of the skills learned being helpful in other aspects of everyday life.

With online tuition, students have all the resources needed for learning available at their fingertips.

Do you offer Further Maths tuition?

Unfortunately, at present we are unable to offer Further Maths tuition. As none of our tutors regularly teach the entire specification (each exam board is different), we are not able to offer the same high quality service as we can with A Level Mathematics.

However, we are able to help out with occasional Further Maths questions as part of A Level Mathematics tuition sessions.

If you are specifically looking for a Further Maths tutor, I would strongly recommend asking them if they have teaching experience with the entire specification on your specific exam board. It is extremely rare to find one that does.

Can you travel to my home?

We are unable to offer tuition at a tutee's home, although this may change in the future, provided that the tutee lives locally.

Bookings, Fees and Policies

How much do you charge?

Our 1-1 tuition fees start from £38 per one hour session. Our group tuition fees start from £20. These includes:

  • The tuition session.
  • Setting and checking of weekly independent study activities.
  • Tech support for any IT issues.
  • An opportunity to contact your tutor throughout the week with quick questions about the independent study work.

See the Pricing/Booking page for more information.

How do I pay for sessions?

Tutorials are paid for using our secure booking system (TutorCruncher). After each tutorial, the tutor will send an invoice. The vast majority of our clients choose to use the automatic payment feature so that they don't have to worry about missing a payment.

We do not use block bookings or force our clients into long-term contracts. Most of our students have a weekly tutorial, which is reserved for them as long as they are regularly attending tutorials. Should you wish to, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not charge for tutorials cancelled with more than 24 hours' notice. The tutor reserves the right to charge the full amount for tutorials cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice.

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